Thank you for your interest in helping the Emory University Emergency Hardship Fund. Even though this crowdfunding campaign has ended, you can still support Emory faculty and staff in need by making a gift today!

Help an Emory Faculty or Staff Member in Need

Join the others who have helped Emory faculty and staff in need.

Help an Emory Faculty or Staff Member in Need

Be part of the Emory community's response to COVID-19

Your gift to the Emory Hardship Funds will provide vital assistance to Emory University faculty and staff who are experiencing financial hardship due to a catastrophic event like COVID-19.

While there is no way to calculate the full impact that COVID-19 will have on the Emory community, it has already disrupted life significantly—sowing uncertainty, creating food insecurity, upsetting travel and conferences, interrupting work schedules, creating additional medical expenses, increasing child care needs, introducing unexpected housing burdens, and creating other unforeseen challenges.

By helping Emory faculty and staff meet their immediate needs, the Hardship Funds offer help for overcoming the difficult setbacks posed by COVID-19.

The impact of your gift

Your gift to an Emory Hardship Fund lets the Emory community know that you have their back.

These hardship funds have been available to support faculty and staff who are experiencing financial hardship for more than 10 years. It is essential that these funds be available now, and that we are prepared to address the critical needs of Emory faculty and staff through the COVID-19 crisis.

These funds are supported entirely by voluntary donations from those wanting to assist Emory community members facing unexpected financial challenges. The program does not receive annual funding from the university.

Applying for funding

If you are an Emory faculty or staff member experiencing a crisis and you need financial help, apply for assistance here.

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