Thank you for your interest in the Winship Cancer Institute's COVID-19 Momentum campaign. This crowdfunding campaign has ended, but you can still support Winship by making a gift today!

Advance Winship Patient Care During COVID-19

Support the Winship Cancer Institute during COVID-19.

Advance Winship Patient Care During COVID-19

At Winship, we are intent on minimizing the risk of exposure for cancer patients to the COVID-19 virus, while at the same time providing the time sensitive and life-saving cancer care needed by these patients.

Our areas of greatest need include: reducing the risk of COVID-19 exposure for cancer patients using telemedicine; understanding how COVID-19 affects cancer patients through pilot studies; and developing novel treatment approaches for COVID-19 patients through a lung inflammation clinical trial.

The impact of your gift

Your gift to the Winship Director’s Fund will support the more than 1,200 frontline oncology nurses, physicians, and staff working around-the-clock to provide continuity of cancer care for vulnerable patients, as well as the more than 17,000 newly diagnosed cancer patients we care for annually.

It is with this team—and for these patients—that Winship Cancer Institute continues to evolve best practices for cancer care in the midst of a global pandemic.

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