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In Memory of Dr. Lowery-North

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In Memory of Dr. Lowery-North

Douglas Lowery-North MD, 08PH



Emory’s Department of Emergency Medicine is honoring Dr. Douglas Lowery-North’s legacy at Emory by establishing the Dr. Lowery-North Mentorship Fund. This fund will support Grand Rounds Lectures and Teaching Mentorship Awards in memory of Dr. Lowery-North. The Dr. Lowery-North Mentorship Fund will be utilized for these purposes until exhausted:

  • Grand Rounds Lecture  – supporting this annual event with lecturer travel and honorarium expenses to help bring together the brightest minds and leaders in mentorship and/or education from the national and international stage
  • Teaching Mentorship Award – celebrating the faculty member voted the most outstanding mentor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Emory University. This award will provide needed resources for the awardee to conduct meaningful mentorship activities with faculty, residents, and fellows.

Doug was a charismatic teacher, mentor, leader, caring physician, father, husband, and friend. He impacted many careers through his devotion to inspiring future medical providers. His emphasis on individual professional and personal goals provided his trainees the understanding to balance all aspects of life. Doug was the first physician director of the Emory University Hospital Emergency Department in 1996, and was the director as the ED transitioned from a treatment room. In this role, he developed a model of care based on the patient and family. His insightful understanding and critical decision-making skills steered the department to success.

Dr. Lowery-North was a true mentor that, as Dr. Martinez said, “made his life’s journey about supporting those around him.” Dr. Ross remembers how, “he set a tone of friendship, innovation, and hope that still lingers. We are in a better place because of him.” Dr. Caglar appreciated his mentorship and friendship from his first day at Emory. “Doug, to me, was a consummate giver. A soul stuffed full of positive energy, passion, charm, wit, and, one of the most brilliant people I knew. He could read a room just as well as he could resuscitate. I always strived to make myself better because I felt like he believed in me.” Chris Stevens appreciated how Doug saw the importance of every member of the team. Dr. Moore remembered Doug “as a mentor and friend that always helped me reach for the stars. I always walked away from a lunch with him with a clearer head and a happy heart. I know I would not be where I am today without his guidance.” Dr. Wright, EM’s Chair, said, “he was a dear friend and mentor, and he will be greatly missed.”

As we remember Doug and all he did for Emory and the Department of Emergency Medicine, we thank you for considering a donation that will support a Grand Rounds Lecture and Teaching Mentorship Award created in honor and memory of him.

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