2O36 Student Flourishing

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Donated Now to Help Students Flourish

Supporting student flourishing means helping them become thinkers and doers who value teamwork. It means creating an inclusive environment where Emory's diverse student body feels at home and can focus on what matters: strengthening values, developing skills, preparing for advanced and professional studies, and pursuing careers. Success empowers students to contribute to the world.

Student flourishing is about being intentional in how we prepare our students for both professional achievement and success in life—providing resources and creating space that allow students to find their purpose through critical thinking and self-reflection. 


The Impact of Your Gift

To support Emory’s bicentennial vision of student flourishing, 2O36 highlights giving opportunities for scholarships and student programs. 

  • School-specific scholarships replace student loans in Emory financial aid packages, ensuring that talented students with financial need can graduate debt free.
  • Student Experience Fund strengthens community-building and class-year traditions that deepen student and alumni engagement with our university. Supporting the student experience will increase our retention rates, graduation rates, student satisfaction, and alumni engagement by building a stronger sense of community and belonging among students. 
  • Emory University Student Hardship Fund provides life-changing financial assistance to undergraduate and graduate students in need due to a crisis or catastrophic event. The fund is administered by the Office of Financial Aid in collaboration with student leaders.
  • Gifts to the Student Well Being Fund empower students to prioritize their mental, physical, and social health. Your gift might be used to help a student with a food security need or to assist in furthering accessibility access for students with disabilities.

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