Give now, Impact Many: 2023 100 Senior Honorary

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Let's break our goal of 150 donors! So far, we have raised $280 from 45 gifts! 

Give now, Impact Many: 2023 100 Senior Honorary

Dear Class of 2023, 100 Senior Honorary members, 

Congratulations on achieving such a significant honor! As a student leader, you have sparked unequivocal change. We are grateful that you accepted the challenge to continue to be thought provokes and change agents as you graduate and become part of the Emory alumni global community. 

Over the years, 100 Senior Honorary cohorts have upheld their promise to affect meaningful change in our Emory communities. The class of 2021 100 Senior Honorary was the first to lead the charge of making a philanthropic impact an annual traditionWith the cohort reaching 45% participationThe 2022 class had 65% participation, while also inspiring additional community members to secure 100 gifts to support students in need. This year, we are committed to increasing our impact together, and with your support we know that we can accomplish 100% participation from the Class of 2023 100 Senior Honorary. 

All it takes is a $5 donation to make a difference! Learn more about the difference your donation could make for each fund below. Keep in mind, if you haven't already made a gift to Emory during your senior year, making a gift today will secure your Blue Tassel to wear at graduation in May 2023 (once you make your gift, we will contact you with tassel pickup options). 

To our Parents, Family, and Friends, your support, and impact is just as important to us as the Class of 2023 100 Senior Honorary.You are continuously supporting the students during their time on Emory's campus and continue to help them as they go out into the world and become active and engaged members of the Emory Alumni Global Community. For this reason, consider making a gift in honor of our 100 Senior Honorary Students’ today! 

Together, your impact will ensure Emory University is a more equitable and inclusive community and campus. Thank you for choosing to give, as your gift will leave a lasting impression on our university.  

We thank you for your extraordinary commitment to Emory. 

Direct Student Support

The Food Security Fund will help fight food insecurity directly within the Emory student community by funding food assistance programs on campus and during breaks. If you are a student experiencing need, fill out this form to get direction to necessary services.

The Student Hardship Fund (SHF) was formed in 2011 to support Emory students facing unexpected financial hardship. The fund aids both undergraduates and graduates at Emory University across all nine schools on the Atlanta and Oxford campuses. By providing financial assistance to support students during catastrophic events, such as a death in the family, unexpected job loss, uninsured medical expenses, and eviction, the Student Hardship Fund allows Emory students to continue their education despite the obstacles they are facing. 

Diversity and Inclusion Programming- The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI), guided by Emory's Vice Provost for Diversity and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Carol E. Henderson, creates spaces for faculty, staff, and students to work and learn in inclusive, equitable, safe, and diverse environments where they thrive and bring their whole selves to our campus community.

Did you know that Wonderful Wednesdays are funded, in totality, by the generosity of alumni and students like you? Without this support we would not be able to sustain such an integral campus tradition. Gifts to Wonderful Wednesdays directly strengthen and enhance the student experience by providing the resources to make an impact for decades to come.

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