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Support a Documentary About X & Y Chromosome Variations

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An Update on the Progress of Hiding In Plain Sight

March 13, 2018

Thank you for your generous support of the Hiding in Plain Sight Documentary Film Project. In late January, Filmmaker Dianne Steinkraus and her film editors were impacted by the recent California wildfires and subsequent mudslides. Thankfully, we are pleased to report everyone is safe. Now that the danger has passed, Steinkraus and her team are back to work on the film and are editing the footage they have captured. 


While Steinkraus and her crew are busily working on the film, we thought you might enjoy reading more about how the filmmaker came to know Dr. Sharron Close, assistant professor at the Emory University Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing.  Here is a recent article from the winter issue of Emory Nursing that shares their story.

This Wouldn’t be Possible Without You

August 02, 2017

Dear generous supporters of the Hiding in Plain Sight Documentary Film Project,

Since we ended our Momentum campaign, Dianne Steinkraus has collected more than 25 hours of film footage including time in Minnesota, Denver, and Colorado Springs. She is currently working deep into the technical aspects now to synchronize coding and editing to produce the 10-minunte sample film piece that is required to complete grant applications. We wanted you all to know what kind of work is going on in the background to make the larger film project happen. Thanks for your good wishes and support. More to come!

Sharron Close & Dianne Steinkraus

Thank you!

June 05, 2017

It is with tremendous gratitude that we can announce that our campaign for Hiding in Plain Sight reached $25,210. This achievement belongs to you, our donors. Your generosity has fueled and empowered the next phase of development that is involved in distributing an edited 10-minute sample of the story to grant foundations. Without your help, this would not have been possible. We thank every person who donated to this campaign. We will continue to keep you updated on progress of the project. You are amazing, and you are a part of a tremendous transformation-in-the-making. Thank you!

Spread the Word about Hiding In Plain Sight

May 18, 2017

Our apologies that you received an update on another Momentum project. Below is the lastest great news about Hiding In Plain Sight.

Your amazing responses have pushed us well past our original goal. With your wonderful support, we’ve begun the project. We were able to film a small segment of a woman with Trisomy X and her caregiver sister. This honest, candid, raw, and emotional brief look into the lives of two people affected by one extra X chromosome moved members of the crew to tears.

Real life captured on film tells intimate stories that are missed or dismissed in health care settings. We hope that in the telling of these stories, we can educate while transforming the way others understand what X & Y chromosome variations are all about. Please continue to help us spread awareness and attract additional support by sharing the link:

Thank you for your support!

May 12, 2017

Our initial benchmark has been achieved thanks to an amazing response by you and other donors who care very much! We thank you for your generous gifts and tremendous effort to launch this project. We are immensely grateful to you. The campaign remains open for the next 21 days, so please help us to maximize this impact by sending the link out to your networks including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Every donation underwrites significant technical aspects of the film and teaching modules.

An African Proverb advises, “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” We want to go far!

Spread the word:

We have ignition!

May 05, 2017

Thank you for your contributions so far.

Your gifts support all stages of production for this important documentary film, including coordinating writing, production, and distribution, to increase awareness about X & Y chromosome variation.

Through this film, your donation is instrumental in helping to create better access to care, inform medical practice, and create policy reform to benefit those affected by these genetic conditions.

Please spread the word of this campaign supporting the documentary Hiding in Plain Sight.

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“It’s really difficult finding a doctor who knows anything about sex chromosome variations. We’re just lost.” - Parent of an 11 year old with an X & Y variation



“We have to get past the stigma that accompanies sex chromosome variations. There really aren’t many of us who are willing to speak publicly about it.” - Male with an X & Y variation



“There needs to be a united voice that is loud and clear to tell our story and to counteract current misunderstanding about X & Y conditions.” - Female with an X variation



“We need something big in the area of public awareness. Not like a commercial and not like having famous people talking about us. We’ve all been hiding in the shadows for too long, I think.” - Male with an X & Y variation



“I’ll tell you what my dream is. I want to get this out where everyone will learn about us, like a movie or a big public service piece. I want to help people; especially the kids because they are treated poorly; people just don’t understand. Yeah, I’d like to see a movie about it.” - Male with an X & Y variation



“One of the most effective ways to bring about understanding is by education and awareness. A documentary film that shows candid real-life scenarios will go far to expose and explain what it is like to live with a genetic condition that nobody can see.” - Clinician and researcher who studies persons with X & Y variations



“When I hear your voice and see your world from the inside out, you become real. That's the power of film. Film can reach a thousand places at once with the power to influence minds, affect decision makers, and help create change. It's time for those of us in the X & Y community to be seen and heard from the inside out.” - Dianne Steinkraus, Producer/Writer