Thank you for your interest in helping the Emory Student Hardship Fund. Even though the crowdfunding campaign has ended, you can still support Emory students in need by making a gift today!

Help an Emory Student in Need

Currently, $42,697 has been raised to help Emory students.

Thank you!

March 26, 2020

Because of your generosity, Emory students received the immediate financial help they needed to secure safe housing and pay unexpected expenses amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. In the previous two weeks, the Student Hardship Fund has helped students pay for rent, emergency moving, or other living expenses that they can no longer afford due to the economic impact of COVID-19.


You made this possible. Thank you.


In this rapidly changing environment, additional high priority needs arise every day. See how the Emory community is working to support these immediate crisis needs by visiting Help the Emory Community Respond to COVID-19.


Your gift underscores your devotion to the Emory community and inspires us. Thank you!

Your gift in action

March 20, 2020

Thank you for springing into action to help Emory students.


So far this week, 50 students have applied for funds from the Student Hardship Fund. Because of your generosity, the Office of Financial Aid was able to grant a financial award to every student that applied. No one was denied. These Emory students are now able to access the necessary funds to help them through this critical time.


The Student Hardship Fund has been used to help students pay for rent or other living expenses that they can no longer afford due to losing work because of COVID-19. It has also provided aid to students incurring sudden moving costs related to leaving campus housing.


You made this happen. Thank you.


In this rapidly changing environment, additional news and needs arise every day. You can stay connected to what is happening on campus by visiting the Emory COVID-19 resource site. You can also help us reach more students in need by sharing your reason for giving with your personal network via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


By stepping up during this time of need, you are acting as a living example of the Emory mission: thank you for your service to humanity.

Immediate acts of kindness define the Emory community

March 14, 2020

Thanks to your gift, we have already raised more than $10,000 for the Student Hardship Fund. We wanted to provide a few updates as student needs and Emory’s response to COVID-19 are changing rapidly.


The Student Hardship Fund is facilitated through the Office of Financial Aid. We have been communicating with administrators of the fund and Campus Life leaders to expedite procedures to make it easier and quicker for students to access these funds in this time of urgent need.


Next week, Advancement and Alumni Engagement will send an email to alumni and constituents with an update on what is happening on campus, including links to Emory COVID-19 related resources and information, and a list of ways to help.


To jumpstart this response, and to amplify the message, we are asking you to share why you decided to donate to the Emory Student Hardship Fund and invite your network to get involved. Next week, we will formally invite influencers and early adapters like you to sign-up as Momentum crowdfunding ambassadors with access to additional resources including a digital toolkit with suggested messaging and images. Until then, we encourage you to share via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and direct message your network.


As members of the Emory community, we’re all in this together. Before we can even begin to measure the toll COVID-19 will take on our lives, you have already stepped in to help.


We are inspired by your immediate act of kindness: to give to those in need.


Your generosity and care are what truly define and unite the Emory community.


Thank you.

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