Building a First-Gen Home at Emory

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Building a First-Gen Home at Emory

Emory has a strong first-generation community. A recent campus survey indicated over 600 undergraduate and graduate students and 600 faculty and staff identify as first-generation. November 6-13, 2020, Emory will celebrate First-Gen Week with panels, interviews, and workshops. Follow @Emory_OUA on Twitter for a full schedule of events! 

Beyond First-Gen Week, Emory supports first generation students year round through programs like the 1915 Scholars.

Launched in fall 2014, the 1915 Scholars program provides a support network for first-generation college students who might struggle with the transition. Admission requirements include a family income of $100,000 or less and the inability to go to college without scholarship support. Each student is placed in a “family unit” made up of alumni, students, staff, and retired faculty. The students meet regularly with members of this family group—individually and as a unit— during the academic year.

Impact of your Gift

Your gift to the 1915 Scholars program will help provide services for students who may not have similar resources available to them from home. Your support provides thorough training for peer mentors so they are well equipped to help first-year students handle a variety of situations, from academic to financial to personal. The program includes specialized orientation programs, on-going academic workshops and community-building events through structured interactions with Campus Life, the Office of Undergraduate Education, and the Emory Alumni Association.


"When I graduated high school, I was worried about never fitting in at a private university because of my First-Generation, low income identity. However, I was brave enough to recognize my potential at this kind of school, so I went for it anyway. It was the best decision I ever made. Emory is home to me. The people and the campus are home." -Anonymous, Emory First-Generation Student

Your support of the 1915 Scholars program builds a First-Gen home at Emory.

Other Opportunities to Support First-Gen Students 

  • Indicate First Gen status Emory’s exclusive online networking community, Emory Connects, so that students can easily identify you as a potential mentor
  • Offer advice through our First- Gen Emory Cares virtual project (see the project named "Offer Advice to First Gen Students")
  • Lean more

First Gen Week, November 6 through 13

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