Keep Fighting the Pandemic

Join the 31 others who have already donated $4,590 in support of Emory Healthcare workers and researchers fighting the pandemic.

Keep Fighting the Pandemic

As the pace of public life accelerates and society prepares to reopen, new more resilient variants remind us of the lingering threat this pandemic poses. 

Your support for the health care-focused causes matters more than ever—which is why we’re reaching out to invite you to re-invest in one of these key Emory funds. 

Your help in the face of this pandemic shows how deeply you care for those who care for us. In the wake of your remarkable support last year towards one or more of Emory’s targeted relief funds—Feed the Frontline; COVID-19 Impact Fund; EHC Employee Hardship Fund; School of Nursing COVID-19 Support Fund; Public Health Research and Pandemic Response—this recent surge in cases serves as a stark reminder that the need continues.

Emory Healthcare workers and researchers are counting on you to be the hero! Demonstrate your support by making a gift to one of our priority funds:

Emory Healthcare Employee Hardship Fund: In the past two years, more than $120,000 has been disbursed from the Emory Healthcare Employee Hardship Fund to cover emergency expenses for those who are caring for us. By helping Emory Healthcare employees during times of great need, the Hardship Fund offers financial assistance for eligible employees navigating the difficult setbacks that COVID-19 has created.

Emory Vaccine Center: Since the COVID-19 outbreak began, the Emory Vaccine Center has been at the forefront of the fight to develop new vaccines and treatments in record time. The Center—one of the first and largest sites to conduct clinical trials of the Moderna vaccine —continues to share important findings on the immune response to the virus. Your gift is essential to providing seed funding to support new ideas and implement the latest technologies, such as a mobile unit that enrolls COVID patients who are recovering at home in trials for new COVID drugs.

Emory Nursing Learning Center: The ENLC is an innovative new facility designed to anticipate challenges in nursing education and embrace innovative technologies and advanced teaching methods. The COVID pandemic has underscored the important role nurses play in the health care system and make attracting and training the next generation of nurses all the more critical.

Public Health Research and Pandemic Response: Gifts to this fund support Rollins School of Public Health faculty, staff, and students intimately involved in fighting COVID-19. With initiatives such as the Rapid COVID-19 Pilot Awards, the RSPH community works alongside local, state, national and international partners, to make measurable differences within, for, and beyond Georgia’s communities in the fight against the pandemic.

Emory COVID-19 Impact Fund: As the effects of the pandemic linger and new variants pose new challenges, your gift will make an immediate impact on an area of immediate need, such as: 

  • advancing lifesaving research in new treatments, preventions, and cures
  • combating misinformation and vaccine hesitancy with robust public health education 
  • supporting patients in need in the Emory Healthcare system
  • increasing access to vaccines, testing, and care

Your support for the health care-focused causes matters more than ever, thank you to re-investing in Emory!

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